Publishing is a real PURPOSE

Spot check

You hit your fifties and go POOF ~ accomplishments fail or pass?  As detailed as the most mathematical mind or mental energist (which I describe myself).

OR, you are at a more refined, experienced age (if you want to put a different spin on it), knowing what you like, what you are open to considering, but you have hit the peak or climax of your bullshitter meter:  you are maxed out.  There is little you haven't heard of or at least don't gasp in horror if you haven't, in fact, heard of it.

YOU know what you like or don't like, with the balance of the scale in age: isn't that unimaginable almost.  It was to me until I drew it all out (on my handy dandy PAINT app by #MicroSoft) how in life you start in one spectrum, gravitating towards the polar opposite in so many ways.

LISTEN to some music from your iTUNES library that is mild and mellow.  Then, let's have a conversation ~ OK?  You want to know first what I'm listening to?  OK:  My iTUNES playlist I call "LOVELY MUSIC".  A smattering of music across multiple generations, global audience, and just plain lovely to listen to.  Nothing too deep that it will put you to sleep:  talk about COMPETITION!  That's my job!  (huh? what?  ok think about it:  it is my job right now to put you to sleep).  Hahaha.  Thanks for getting into the spirit of the moment with me:

I came up with a .ppt (Powerpoint Presentation) that talks a lot about moi, and me some more.  Kinda what I'm all about, background, visual curation and presentation.  I do want to work on it more and experiment with taking it from PowerPoint to video with music, no voiceover, for now at any rate:  WALK before you run.

Under the context of wanting to communicate my unique style, I replaced the typical rigid format of a business powerpoint slide presentation.  I also uploaded it to SLIDESHARE, and tremendous VALUE added service to #LINKED IN +LinkedIn .

If YOU are one of THOSE disagreeable sorts that have an opinion or judgement before you've even tried something, this isn't going to work for you.  Truth be told, you are the arch angel to my divine purpose.

I don't tend to
jell with people who have a rigid vibe.  It seems to be the other person's issue more than mine, unless they're being rude then they'll feel my firmness in manner (because manners are important to me).


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