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A good person wanting to be great

Hey Cheery You,

Just want someone to know what is going on because you will notice me being away for the next two weeks.  10 days of which are vacation with 3 days of suspension.
THAT WOMAN hustled me, graceful lady, union rep and me into an "Investigative Meeting" yesterday at around 11 am, giving me 15 min to mentally and physically to prepare with the Union Rep {lovely nice gal, fairly new to the role but really a natural in conflict resolution and mediation--she REALLY should consider as a career choice!}.THAT WOMAN had 2 areas of concern:
1) Calls with customers, and 2) Adherence to schedule
Well, ironically I knew I was in deep sh*t when I got to work yesterday morning, going through my email first thing.  There was an email on RP&O with the "APPROVED" subject with link to NOTA appearing.  So naturally, I clicked.  To my gasp, it had only approved one third of what the CANVASS was about.  
You see, my husband and I had some important things going on and we had …