A queen of advice ...

In a meandering mood, without any particular destination in mind, online, of course.  Definitely, with some great mood selections from my really cool playlists [ I say myself attesting to the many hours I categorized my iTunes music library in a mood setting and that means both from where I physically am to where I am continually striving for better moods.

When one is struggling with depression, it means that they are likely grasping for safety nets of positive inspiration or motivation.  Giving back.  Giving what one knows or has sharing honest advice based on one's own unique perspective in whatever that may represent:  as a person (wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, outlaw or in-law I may be.  

I've discovered a new identity emerging from the wisp and whoosh of inspiration that glimmers across one's screen.  Maybe I've been hovering in a lot of different areas, appearing scattered, however, there is still consistency from my original vision/mission statemen…

The FALL time

A time of fresh, new beginnings

Most people would say that they think the year begins January 1st ... then there would be other theories on when was the beginning of time?  I'm reading around on faith, inspiration and wonderful things to know or to learn more about ::.... the constant read-seeker of truth, wisdom, important things & knowledge aligned with my head, when art, photography and aesthetic eye candy.  My sister, Diana, was here visiting a few weeks ago, and she had made a comment to me:  "You are good with the eye, Jeannette."  Being online and blogging, interacting with people regardless of anything other than what they click on their keyboard.  

I could say it is an eye for talented, classy, smart 
people instead.  One without the other would be like a hurricane without wild winds and ferocious rains.  [ REF:  2 the nonstop Hurrican Irma, Jose, now Marie.  My dad must be smiling down from heaven.  Telling his cohorts [ Steve Jobs & Michael Jackson ] - th…

If YOU give money? Then you should give a DAMN ! Let's start the conversation about Mental Health.





are all symptomatic of an employee attempting to adjust to a brutal culture, more military than wellness bent. 


Is an increasing crisis that is rising to the top of society's concerns, bias, alienation, bullying cause this to rise.


Out of compassion, recognition not by the decrease in productivity, but extreme measures in which to communicate that any form of racism (in any form by way of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, origin or otherwise) even reversed racism:  bias against white skin. 


is rampant but silent.  The media's credibility is at an alltime low.  Charges of fake news or media focus on despair and violence, of which ratings can be capitalized on and more advertising revenue raised.


There is a phenomenal episode or documentary of HBO (who is not just Game of Thrones content!!) that communicates loudly on how the public is spo…


Hi Gerard,

Imagine how far your business would have come had you considered listening to me to create an appointment scheduler/reminder system.  That was, what?  At least 5 years ago?
What about my most recent rant about you creating a CRM (customer relationship management) tool so that you can encapsulate all your customers under one roof - YOUR'S!!
Why did I say that the first was important?  I get it:  it sounded more like "ya dida yadi da" droning on [ I'm the first that I'm very talkative! ]
A person with a lot of ideas and starts circulating them, gets the benefit of feedback as the circle expands.  Truly, a nobody trying to be somebody who doesn't have to rely on a pay cheque to keep things humming along.
A peculating brain, when exuded leaves more room for more IDEAS.
I really can't do what you do, Gerard.  I'm the VERY first to admit that, next to procrastination, I am mechanically inept!  I couldn't do what you do, that is for sure.  Come to t…

Happy 150th Birthday CANADA

Under a celebratory mood after decompressing from "another day in the real world" meaning paying the bills so I can retire at freeDUMB75 [my unique self-term ] ... having a few chuckles and many inspirations from circulating around the community online.

When I am online, as a form of escapism of the mental or mental-health kind, I am the driver of my path merely by the barest of fingers only by tips, I can navigate what I am reading [mostly] relatively carefree but usually in the knowledge accumulation or enlightenment or humorous vibes.

You see, I am the driver, mechanic, doctor, therapist, politician, activist, feminine, enthusiast who loves her city and likes to see the best in everyone and everything.  Unlike so many of us, we've been kicked a few times, had to kick back another moment, if not physically, mentally inclined.

My mother and even youngest daughter have communicated that I am too much of the trusting kind.  Then on an excursion adventure minutes from my …

A good person wanting to be great

Hey Cheery You,

Just want someone to know what is going on because you will notice me being away for the next two weeks.  10 days of which are vacation with 3 days of suspension.
THAT WOMAN hustled me, graceful lady, union rep and me into an "Investigative Meeting" yesterday at around 11 am, giving me 15 min to mentally and physically to prepare with the Union Rep {lovely nice gal, fairly new to the role but really a natural in conflict resolution and mediation--she REALLY should consider as a career choice!}.THAT WOMAN had 2 areas of concern:
1) Calls with customers, and 2) Adherence to schedule
Well, ironically I knew I was in deep sh*t when I got to work yesterday morning, going through my email first thing.  There was an email on RP&O with the "APPROVED" subject with link to NOTA appearing.  So naturally, I clicked.  To my gasp, it had only approved one third of what the CANVASS was about.  
You see, my husband and I had some important things going on and we had …