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A capsulation of a whole lot of things

Robert Stanley Fowler
Canadian aboriginal artist Robert Stanley Fowler. is featured to commemorate the new Canadian government assistance for our first host and hostesses whom we reference First Nations or indigenous people to this beautiful country.  We have not treated them as honored guests, if all the stories unfolding, thanks to increased awareness (i.e. education, politics, social conscience).

I am never at a shortage of ideas
sometimes it seems like my world is not aligned or balance.  The struggle between time and time to act.  To be able to arrive at the middle would be very close to Utopia.  You think?

I hope I can make you think
of new ways to look at things.  Not a desire to accumulate things.  The difference between interaction and accumulation are oddly misaligned:  you neglect your interactions while you are too busy accumulating things, only people if they can benefit your interaction or accumulation of things.

This is a hard lesson for me
to not equate self-worth with an ide…