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Hi Gerard,

Imagine how far your business would have come had you considered listening to me to create an appointment scheduler/reminder system.  That was, what?  At least 5 years ago?
What about my most recent rant about you creating a CRM (customer relationship management) tool so that you can encapsulate all your customers under one roof - YOUR'S!!
Why did I say that the first was important?  I get it:  it sounded more like "ya dida yadi da" droning on [ I'm the first that I'm very talkative! ]
A person with a lot of ideas and starts circulating them, gets the benefit of feedback as the circle expands.  Truly, a nobody trying to be somebody who doesn't have to rely on a pay cheque to keep things humming along.
A peculating brain, when exuded leaves more room for more IDEAS.
I really can't do what you do, Gerard.  I'm the VERY first to admit that, next to procrastination, I am mechanically inept!  I couldn't do what you do, that is for sure.  Come to t…