Hi Gerard,

Imagine how far your business would have come had you considered listening to me to create an appointment scheduler/reminder system.  That was, what?  At least 5 years ago?

What about my most recent rant about you creating a CRM (customer relationship management) tool so that you can encapsulate all your customers under one roof - YOUR'S!!

Why did I say that the first was important?  I get it:  it sounded more like "ya dida yadi da" droning on [ I'm the first that I'm very talkative! ]

A person with a lot of ideas and starts circulating them, gets the benefit of feedback as the circle expands.  Truly, a nobody trying to be somebody who doesn't have to rely on a pay cheque to keep things humming along.

A peculating brain, when exuded leaves more room for more IDEAS.

I really can't do what you do, Gerard.  I'm the VERY first to admit that, next to procrastination, I am mechanically inept!  I couldn't do what you do, that is for sure.  Come to think of it, a ride along in the day of Valley Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton's entrepreneur, Gerard O'regan, originally from, proudly, Newfoundland.  The VERY best people in Canada originate from Newfoundland, without a doubt.  I've yet to meet an affectionately termed "Newfie" whom I didn't like!

Green Drop started out VERY small.  Like you, in fact, as an online ADD personality, I can get detoured for quite a while.  Clicking and digging, armed with Google at my side.  The longer and the more involved in Google products I am, the more insight into who I am unfolds.  If anyone wants to do a psychiatric assessment of me, should get Google's profile of me off them [ F O R W A R D ] permission may be granted with full writing, blog, content rights owned by me, Jeannette Marshall, under my identity and brand:  optioneerJM [a pseudonym created initially to protect my identity -->->-> the very thing that is the closest to allowing me to stay at home, paint, create, listen to music all day {my choice} INSERT PLAYLIST RIGHT NOW FROM @APPLE [ who have the right to share the content, but not the content, nor selection whom should be compensated for by recognition, at minimum ].

Anyhow, I did find the owner/principle's name for Green Drop and want to go look him up some more.  One can never have too many brand executives in their corner, and vice versa to leverage a growing brand on social media.   [ A F F I R M E D ] by @Klout aka www.klout.com with a 72 score.  

When I launched your social media brand, I set your identity up on Klout.  Now that I have been removed now for at least three years, let's see what is working or has worked for you.  We can dig to see where the largest clickthru traffic is coming from.  

That's another thing about G O O G L E is that they are responsible for my ID to surface at the top in a number of search traffic generators.  SWIiiiiiiSH click.  

Gerard, if you DELETEd this without READing, I'd be horrified [even I F who would know?].  If you SCROLLed past, I'd be indignant, yet forgiving [because my sister is probably calling you in the background asking you to do something or get something for her.  YOUR first response is to drop everything when she calls ^*^ see above reference to Newfoundlanders^*^.

YOU pay me a guaranteed $1000 every two weeks, I will claim as self-employed income [ C O N T I N G E C Y :  if Rob is laid off work ].  YOU share what your last June 2016 sales/revenue was AND this June 2017's sales/revenue figures.  WE will divide it by two to arrive at an A V E R A G E monthly target.   FROM there, you will PAY me 25% of the difference PLUS!  No DIFF?  No worries, you will have only paid me $2000 in a month to set up your website, amalgamate all your online identities under one umbrella, managed by ME [ where you will always have the P A S S W O R D in the event you give me 30 days notice of taking back the responsibility, maintenance, posting, writing, sharing, networking on a plate that is already F U L L [ R E F : Newfie ].

When I am not fielding your incoming 1-800 number for inquiries, bookings telephone, I will be entering all of your customers into a C R M [ customer relationship management ] database, to eventually extrapolate information in order to send B O O K I N G confirmations via email & sms [text].  I will C R E A T E  campaigns to see your services based on a plethora of numbers your already own.  

Those campaigns can be target based on loyalty O R tenure O R area  O R whatever my ever-thirsty quest for information comes up with.

Think about it.  We can create a bigger company than what you have already begun.  By now, you deserve some fruits to your labor.  We hire DEVON to be the OPS VP for EDMONTON #yeg and SHAWN to be the OPS VP for CALGARY #yyc with Adriana holding up RED DEER.  All in the family.  With Diana in charge of conflict resolution AKA Head Referee [ YES, I will create business cards for each of the designated honchos:

* gerard FOUNDER
* diana CONFLICT resolution
* devon OPSman edmonton
* shawn OPSman calgary
* adriana OPSwoMAN red deer
* jeannette TALKingHEAD 

each with their own similar I D E N T I T Y throughout:  W E B S I T E business cards N O T E C A R D S advertising E V E N T  bookings  C U S T O M E R   S E R V I C E  loyalty C A M P A I G N S ; supported by S O C I A L   M E D I A and A D V E R T I S I N G .

Should the S A L E S double in one year's time, ownership of the company will result in a new Shareholders A G R E E M E N T with O W N E R S H I P designated, as follows:

gerard = 41 p e r c e n t FOUNDERS percentage [divided equally with diana, FOUNDERS wife]
devon  = 15 percent OPSman edmonton [and eldest SON of FOUNDER]
shawn  = 15 percent OPSman calgary [SON]
adriana = 10 percent OPSwoMAN red deer [DAUGHTER]
jeannette  19 percent TALKingHEAD 


gerard = 30
diana   = 20
devon  = 10
shawn  = 10
adriana = 10
jeannette = 20
There IS a lot of WORK to be DONE!  I'm ready to get started.  What do you think?

OH YEAH, the goal is to RETIRE and live on a beach somewhere, except for attending annual shareholder meetings.  Should there ever be a tie on Shareholders votes, as FOUNDER, you have the final deciding vote.  

Ultimately, you still own the company, but we get it so that you don't have to work.  You determine how much input you want or hands on you need to feel active.

We would need to create a services agreement, outlining pay, bonus, etc.  Which we would accept either side's resignation upon 30 days note.

Let's get'er'done

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Green Drop Lawns Ltd. <admin@greendrop.com>
Date: Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 12:47 PM
Subject: Green Drop Notification of Service
To: marshjea@gmail.com


Service Address: 90 Somerset Close SW , Calgary, AB T2Y 3C4-

Hello Green Drop Subscriber,
One of our GreenKeepers will be out 7/25/2017, weather permitting, to complete your scheduled (10) Summer Beautifier service. In the event that we are unable to complete your service due to the weather, we will return the following business day. A reminder, all of our programs are guaranteed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care center at 403-273-9000.
Important reminder for AERATION service:  if you have an underground sprinkler system please be sure to mark your sprinkler heads.
Thank-you for choosing Green Drop.


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