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Practice the golden rule

Check out this song and listen to it while you read this chat.  It'll REALLY get you in the mood.

WHAT I SHARED everywhere:

What an #awesome tune! I hafta say, THAT was a shock!!! More peeps who love music are gonna find this tune .... whether it be Yuppies from the 80s or Millennials from today .... two musical tastes will align and fall together. Thanks @BenjaminGibbard +BenjaminGibbard ~> only 223,426 VIEWS and sadly not more than 35,434 Subscribers. Let's be the change you wish to be in the world!!

Don't you just hate family spats?
Well, if you happen to have a family that includes me (oh dear) a stepdaughter (oh my) and a diva daughter (sigh) ....... then there is the youngest daughter whom I never seem to get into spats with at all.  How is this possible?  

Heck, find my THISnTHAT playlist on iTUNES.  I'm just playing SHUFFLE and amazed at what a selection.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves eh?

THISnTHAT selection by @optioneer…