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Check out this song and listen to it while you read this chat.  It'll REALLY get you in the mood.

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What an #awesome tune! I hafta say, THAT was a shock!!! More peeps who love music are gonna find this tune .... whether it be Yuppies from the 80s or Millennials from today .... two musical tastes will align and fall together. Thanks @BenjaminGibbard +BenjaminGibbard ~> only 223,426 VIEWS and sadly not more than 35,434 Subscribers. Let's be the change you wish to be in the world!!

Don't you just hate family spats?
Well, if you happen to have a family that includes me (oh dear) a stepdaughter (oh my) and a diva daughter (sigh) ....... then there is the youngest daughter whom I never seem to get into spats with at all.  How is this possible?  

Heck, find my THISnTHAT playlist on iTUNES.  I'm just playing SHUFFLE and amazed at what a selection.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves eh?

THISnTHAT selection by @optioneerJM +JeannetteMarshall +optioneerJM 

I've been pre-occupied with creating over writing lately.  Creating quotes, looking for images, discovering cool fonts that bring it all together.  To promote my online brand as @optioneerJM ::.... determined to take these numbers in way of creating an income so that I can actually do this full time.  

I've wandered through +Kickstarter and added +PayPal  to my consortium of profiles to allow the capitalism and benefits of people liking what you say, or share, and following you.  Creating a community of creative souls ::... writers ... authors ... creators ... designers ... artists ... photographers ... social media personalities.

Well, I guess that is my purpose:  [ I wrote about finding your soul purpose on meanderingsABOUT more recently.  

I'm working on an e.zine or a content is king curator avenue and resource in the community of imagineers grouped together by our creative souls.

The vision is a centralized site that helps anyone and everyone figure out something about something.  Beginning with graphic design to eventually graduate to buzz worthy viral audience and loyal followers.

Anyone can dream a dream.  It is nobody else's business what that may be.  

BUT your response must never be "I would have to win the lottery before that dream could come true."   A cop out in the highest order.   A restrictive conscientiousness in thought.  

If you can dream it.  You can make it come true.  I don't know who said that or if anyone did.  There are a lot of versions of this that can be captured and shared.

People like positive, uplifting, inspiring posts and advice.  There is a unity in message.  Not unlike those that fall under the banner of their belief system or religion.   Humans love music, as do many other beings we cannot read minds of.

Hold yourself to the highest bar for only yourself.  Allow no interference of toxic influences to enter your sphere.  Hold on to your spirit.  Don't be beaten down.  You are right and know you are.  Your moment just has not come around.

You see a glimpse here or a millisecond thought  of that purpose so within your reach at times and far beyond at other times.  Tenacity joined by force of creativity, added with imagination, sprinkled with love can achieve so much.

Don't let others try to make you the person you are not.  Which my earlier spat with my daughter comes  striking down upon me.  After separate incidents and events with my stepdaughter and daughter, my two independent conversations were conjoined in spite.   You could almost think they are little bitches just by that brief hint at the root cause ] usually me [ for something that they don't agree with.

I will not apologize for being a mother, ever.  It is your choice as to how active that role is.  Every single person in the universe hits their stopping point.  When they want to stop wars, hatred, violence and in our case: cattiness.

Yet I wouldn't trade it for the world.  For when I extend my hand to my immediate supervisor, an olive branch of sorts.  That I will no longer be slandered in the sly fashion that she does.  

Women who feel threatened by other women are the most evil of the bullying kind.  They are under-handed, backstabbing and propagating reputation assassinations in order to hang on to their own fragile ego which was stronger than the loudest sociopath. 

They will try to kick you to the curb or sofocate you so  severely that you begin to doubt yourself.  

An impostor syndrome develops.  From guilt of being given chances you know so many others would be envious of.   The gut wrenching attacks on your character and integrity would diminish many a man or woman in equal destructive outcome. 

This is where I went wrong.  On full accountability.  I am taking ownership at my faults.  I admit to not being perfect and mind reading gift on hiatus.  My instincts are apparently rusty since I didn't guess of the reaction.

Yes, I have a lot of nerve.  To remind my stepdaughter, who was the center of the entire universe.  As she so cleverly manipulates and stirs drama to get her dad's attention.  I'm starting to think no wonder her parents separated.  Or, perhaps the at the core for her mom's cheating.  Now, that doesn't sound very forgiving or kind or motherly does it?  Well, since I've never been treated importantly or at least heeded before she would run to her dad crying [yes she DID go crying to her dad].  

You see, my one daughter lives in Vancouver now, the baby of the family and my baby girl.  We talk pretty regularly and I can even text a tease to her and she'll be texting me back ::.. Huh? 

Now that daughter is no angel by any means.  But she is my angel, and that is all there is to it.  She flew outta hell in her younger years and scratched her way out until she bloomed.  Reached out to learn.  Spread her wings to fly.  

The diva daughter had an art show this week.  I was bursting with pride and bragging to anyone who pretended to listen [ such is usually the case ].  So excited to see her in an art show setting.  Bringing forward recall of one of the happiest times in my life.  A young wife and mother, doing what she loved.  In all things.

When the stepdaughter stopped over the night before I asked her if I'd see her at her sister's show.  Her response was her new husband's sister was going to be having a baby and so they were sitting at home for the first SnapChat or FaceTime exchange.  I said:  "It is only from 7 to 9 pm, and remember:  what goes around, comes around."  

So I went to the show, it was perfect.  Beautiful daughter, wonderful best friend at my side.  I run into my kids' father.  Nothing wrong with that.  We had a collaborative divorce and did much better than so many other divorced couples.  We communicated and kept the kids at the forefront of every decision ever made that would impact all three of them.  No divisiveness or dividing them apart.  

I felt pretty comfortable walking up to him and his wife whom I had never had eye contact with ever before.  In something like 13 years, yet I don't believe that 13 is bad luck:  my super fantastic NOW husband was born on the 13th and we were married on the 13th.  I do recall her calling me once to say that me and a daughter's father needed to get her into counselling and yesterday.  I remember saying aloud:  "You are offending me.  This is not something I am comfortable with.  Their father knows how to reach me and will communicate if anything is needed."  Maybe she didn't realize that as fact.

 ] to be continued [ 



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