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Expression through QUOTES

I admit, I have online ADD (attention deficit disorder).  I start out to complete a task and find myself distracted and clicking on things to read, then go on to share, constantly re-inventing myself channeled by interests and capturing knowledge.

I'm not so egotistical to expect many to give a hoot on what I toot.  In fact, through @ifttt I am able to synchronize my messages and share them elsewhere.  One has to be careful to not just spout the same stuff over and over again which forces others to tune out and turn off what you are posting.

Quotes are the easiest way to increase readership and the right graphic elements will attract a larger audience.  People like to be motivated and they like to scan wonderful images or photography.

I know that I'm on a journey of sorts, without a clear destination in mind.  That conflicts with my usual guidance towards goals.   If I were a car, I would be taking detours on my own rather than because the traffic signs require me to do so.  

I kn…