Expression through QUOTES

I admit, I have online ADD (attention deficit disorder).  I start out to complete a task and find myself distracted and clicking on things to read, then go on to share, constantly re-inventing myself channeled by interests and capturing knowledge.

I'm not so egotistical to expect many to give a hoot on what I toot.  In fact, through @ifttt I am able to synchronize my messages and share them elsewhere.  One has to be careful to not just spout the same stuff over and over again which forces others to tune out and turn off what you are posting.

Quotes are the easiest way to increase readership and the right graphic elements will attract a larger audience.  People like to be motivated and they like to scan wonderful images or photography.

I know that I'm on a journey of sorts, without a clear destination in mind.  That conflicts with my usual guidance towards goals.   If I were a car, I would be taking detours on my own rather than because the traffic signs require me to do so.  

I know that I love writing.  I also know that I am searching earnestly for my sweet spot.  People really seem to like my posts on sales and business from optioneerJM where my first beginnings on blogging began.

I am working on a website and trying to channel all this mental meanderings into one central area, dipping and borrowing from writing from a number of genres that interest me.

Primarily, I like to help others.  People are my greatest asset:  those who gravitate towards me and attract engagement.  The Publisher began as a conduit of content for poetry and celebrating life through publishing.  

I am a Jacklynne of all trades, master of a couple.  Communications is king.  I grapple with what most people do to create an income from an online presence.  I've worked on the brand @optioneerJM since 2010 and still haven't quite figured out who I am.  At the beginning, it was clear that people liked to read my tutorial posts on how to sell better.  That is where I gained the best following thus far.  

My reach is global.  That is a great achievement.  However, I kick myself for not really being considered an influence from where I hail from.  Nobody would question my devotion to my country - CANADA - or the city I live in:  Calgary.  Yet neither would be who I would be discovered as being an authority on either.

I grapple with distinction.  Who am I?  I try to remain positive and not be synonymous with ranting.  Although, there are times I just want to let er rip!  Yes, most people are attracted to controversy (reference:  Donald Trump) and expel wisdom on self-professed authority.  

Even with over 20,000 followers on Twitter and a loyal following on Facebook and on the watch list on Pinterest, there is more to be explored.  InstaGRAM is half-hearted at best.  Initially, as a portal to see what my kids are going on about.  They are mostly on SNAPchat, which is the current darling of social media.  I somehow haven't quite gotten IT.  The point to SNAPchat:  taking a picture of one's self and uploading to SNAPchat, which disappears momentarily.  Through it, I've had word from my kids when one of their postings seems melancholy or communicating a need for attention.

Quotes can be the most interpretative way in which to lead the way on social media.  They are popular, often re-shared, rejoiced.  Here are some I created by consolidating images found through Google Search or Pinterest and finding a quote that depicts a mood or message.  Putting them together and sharing is a fond undertaking.


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