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Creating a personality that can be characterized as full of character

WOW, Google I have more lift off:  thank you #gratitude ; you asked me to complete my blogger profile, and so I have.  Having a little fun I may add:

Again, another detour.  Apologies.  

I came to post my thoughts that I shared on Facebook about my experience watching Megyn Kelly on the Dr. OZ show this afternoon.  Breaking the routine of starting with Ellen, if I do happen to watch TV it is with the news or certainly as backdrop of sound to accompany my day when I'm home.
I'm heading off to buy this i-book from @apple iTunes after watching Megyn Kelly on Dr. OZ, it resonated with me.  I found some outlooks in common and want to investigate further.  At the very least, learn from this very poised and polished lady who deserves to be a symbol of a role model for women of today, from the tween to the elderly octarian or more.  Hmmm Chrome doesn't like how I spelt that but gave me no options :: they're usually pretty intuit…

GRATITUDE attitude loving numbers

I really don't think you can be an authentic writer without having some inner turmoil expounded through words.  If you think about it, some of the greatest writers EVER were tortured souls, with mental illness so relatively new and fearfully unknown to the general populace.

Yet these creative geniuses are guiding those disciples, not diluted by online or social media noise.  Do you know anyone like that?  Someone whom exudes this creative, free spirit that is expressed through their gift that came through gratitude.

What do I mean?  Other words of similar vibe would be humble.  A servant to their gift, and with that some demons.

Well, let's see about this.  Who would I be thinking about?  Who comes immediately to mind?  For me, it is Ernest Hemingway, or F. Scott Fitzgerald.  To be totally honest, I just read the Great Gatzby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I did it last year when I knew there was a movie interpretation starring Leonardo Dicaptrio, who I swear is my nemesis without …

CLM, CYA and other YUPPY terms

As I publish content either written to myself or provided to me to confidentially post, it is imperative if you are of the Millennial persuasion, you may not quite understand some of the slang prevalent during the time which shadows your's now:  the 1980s.  Are things all that different?  That is a GREAT question to pursue.  Are many things parallel to one and another almost synchronized in familiarity, yet vastly so differently.

If you've read this far, it must mean I haven't a huge typo or butchered to help +Gramarly (I think it is available via Chrome - An Alphabet Company, previously identified with Google).  

Thank you.
You have earned the right to understand some monumental movements of the 1980s when you consider what many can and have identified with being a Yuppy.  It is a unique persona in the folds of history.  When we start to identify with the persona stereotype of its decade.  

Hello, my name is Jeannette
and I'm a non-recovered Yuppy.  I haven't, honestly…