Creating a personality that can be characterized as full of character

WOW, Google I have more lift off:  thank you #gratitude ; you asked me to complete my blogger profile, and so I have.  Having a little fun I may add:

Again, another detour.  Apologies.  

I came to post my thoughts that I shared on Facebook about my experience watching Megyn Kelly on the Dr. OZ show this afternoon.  Breaking the routine of starting with Ellen, if I do happen to watch TV it is with the news or certainly as backdrop of sound to accompany my day when I'm home.

I'm heading off to buy this i-book from @apple iTunes after watching Megyn Kelly on Dr. OZ, it resonated with me.  I found some outlooks in common and want to investigate further.  At the very least, learn from this very poised and polished lady who deserves to be a symbol of a role model for women of today, from the tween to the elderly octarian or more.  Hmmm Chrome doesn't like how I spelt that but gave me no options :: they're usually pretty intuitive to my conversation antics, or writing, or posting, or blogging.  Great timing, obviously, to have discovered this book.  As a means of getting my own head on track.

Jeannette Marshall What is more shocking than turning on the TV on late afternoon? Being astounded by how Megyn's messages and incidences co-oincide with some of my own life, although I am years older. Very definitive AW-ha! moment for me. She was on Dr. OZ so I can't say it will be more gripping other than noticing she had/has the same outfit on. Oh dear, is that a fashion faux pas? I can see wayyyyyy beyond THAT to being held grip to her style, her honesty and immense relate-ability meter for women: OFF the charts; which is exactly what she says, how people perceptions can tune them out until they get brutal honest feedback in a VERY supportive and nurturing environment. Thanks for writing and publishing this ...... and electronically, so that I can go directly to iTunes to download the i-book. I have to ADMIT that I, too, had the wrong impression of you. Taking your armor down has been nothing less than beautiful. Both inside AND out. *^* jm OptioneerJM


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