GRATITUDE attitude loving numbers

I really don't think you can be an authentic writer without having some inner turmoil expounded through words.  If you think about it, some of the greatest writers EVER were tortured souls, with mental illness so relatively new and fearfully unknown to the general populace.

Yet these creative geniuses are guiding those disciples, not diluted by online or social media noise.  Do you know anyone like that?  Someone whom exudes this creative, free spirit that is expressed through their gift that came through gratitude.

What do I mean?  Other words of similar vibe would be humble.  A servant to their gift, and with that some demons.

Well, let's see about this.  Who would I be thinking about?  Who comes immediately to mind?  For me, it is Ernest Hemingway, or F. Scott Fitzgerald.  To be totally honest, I just read the Great Gatzby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I did it last year when I knew there was a movie interpretation starring Leonardo Dicaptrio, who I swear is my nemesis without him even knowing.  His name keeps cropping across all of my blogs.  That's comical, even hilarious!

I know my stepdaughter, Des, have loved the classics like Pride & Prejudice.  I'm pretty sure I read it years ago, considering I start reading in Grade 5 with The Lord of the Rings Three Volumes, which now being a parent with varying levels of growth & rates, that is pretty good for a 9 to 10 year old is it?  Now, I'm reminded to read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, a classic.  Yesssssss, I saw the movie a number of years ago.  Long enough for the essential memory of it dispels.

I love Blogspot by the way.  Which, again if you read my other Blogs (to the right) I've glorified the wisdom of going with Google when I began blogging going on 7 years ago.  I have a blog on wordpress, and find the blogger community very loyal and supportive in a claustrophobic way.    They are savvy as to the social media game:  put my blog on your blog roll and you'll go on mine, or if I comment on your blog you must reciprocate.  Circulating again and again in the same group of creative genius.  Boxed in more than me.

I was born to step out.  Outside the normal, soft spoken, light hearted masses to a highly logical knowledge junkie who exudes a suit of armor in her head.

@MeghanKelly of FOX news is my new idol.   Normally, I don't watch afternoon TV, or TV much at all.  Except on a few occasions:

* we were glued to the US Presidential Election as any other reality TV fan is.
* we measured and subtracted our own value thermometer from a distance
* we tuned into CNN for most of our adult lives but stopped in to see Meghan

Maybe it was positive Karma that I am sending out to the world:  I like to help others and love writing, let me do this.  Lucky for me, Google had just launched Google Plus G+ in and around after I branched out from the safety of Linked In to the other social media world on @Twitter ; between the two, I have made such incredible steadfast soME Friends.    I interviewed one on OptioneerJM that is climbing to my almost alltime-highest readership, raising poised to pass the only two before on sales ::.... was about an early adopter of the internet and were likely the subject whom Twitter and Facebook had in mind.

While, humbly, methodically Google genius data scientist and technical developers joined forces to launch the largest search engine ever known.  A mere irritant in the same space would be MicroSoft's BING.  Those emails to me from BING trying to tempt me with who is the top BING person of the day.  That sort of enticement could and should be embraced by Google.

I was listening to a recap of the Presidential Election on a Canadian, Local Radio Station News in Calgary (without a paid advertisement, naming, I will refrain from naming).  This gent, whom I really wish I wasn't driving and had written down his name to look him up and connect with on Linked In and beyond.  He was smart.  He loves numbers, I can tell.  I love numbers too!

I don't think I could have tackled sales in the  methodical, organic manner in which I did without looking at numbers.  Numbers dance for me.  They are to be divided and conquered with understanding that develops into instinctual grasp.  The gent on the radio station interview, as the guest, was saying how he had figured out through Google diagnostics how to predict the outcome of our Canadian election.  Based on his number crunching (or more like it leveraging Google's massive power behind information which many try to obscure and confuse others by calling it the "cloud".  This gent said that after applying the same search parameters, Google could predict the election results.  And, in fact, had predicted it.

So I'm on a mission to get that figured out.  I'm on a mission to figure out who that gent was so I can offer a network connection.  Social media has honed my networking capabilities.  I know who is on my list.  I know who my supporters are, where they're from and what they do or how they feel about things all because of social networking.  In my opinion, based on this fella who originates from my own city, my own Frankenstein I'll have to call him, to avoid slanderous connotations or legal pursuit.

Networking is taking a very large group of people from all career levels, varying title identities, or none, to narrow into a group of trusted people who support me and want to see me succeed.  By osmosis, sharing in the climb.  Which is high right now.  Thank you.  You have likely commented on a Facebook post far greater than a #RT on Twitter because my engaged following is on Facebook.  The numbers tell me and show me that.

Google drives the lost looking for something to one of my blogs.  They know that I have made an investment in them while I have been developing my writing skills.  Trying to get better.  Trying to get noticed, yes, in a way.  But not in a huge monetary way.  It could be a gift, a donation.  I've seen others place donation gadgets on their blogs or sites.  That's not my style.  My style is showing value and providing an expertise that allows others to gravitate towards me in a topic that KLOUT seems the most adept at defining.  A disciple of Google, has to be.  Or like the documentary hubby had on last night and I slid over to watch.  How fan-based copyright infringement is good for big brands.

Sorry, that reminded me of the most lame attempt to generate revenue should be awarded to Twitter.  Facebook more mildly so if you have your own Page.  If you do, you will know what I mean.  The good thing is if you are not a money machine or generate cash body or entity, you are oblivious to the rest of the world.  That is wrong.  Incorrect perception for sure.  Social media allows you to be yourself.  Define your skills or hone your skills, feeds you numbers from the basics like follow to follower ratio (hint, never follow more than follow you .... try to keep the balance 2/3 or two-thirds follow back rate.

Turf any followers who only post and post and post but can't register whether they are engaging anyone.  Numbers will tell you that as well:  who is out there that people will be more likely to click on to see who they are or more about.  I'm pretty sure that Google starts hitching themselves and helps a rising star.  Just like YouTube does for the video-inclined.  I tried that.  I may go back and try again.  I just haven't figured out what to talk about.  My attempt at sales and career advice were lame.  Nothing magnetic or interesting there.  Somehow the stage fright overwhelms the Toastmasters training and show-woman-ship sales and marketing gives.  Being video'd is really intimidating to me.  Something that I have to overcome.  Another ladder on my journey.  To where?  I'm not sure.  I'm only sure this is the way for me to go.

Thank you for taking the time to read.  GRATITUDE is an attitude I am trying to become better at.  Or, like I said in a very early early blog on @optioneerJM about SERViTUDE.  Servitude is a presence of mind and outlook on life, the foundation of character.  Everyone has from a morsel to a empire of gratitude.  But nobody has built an empire on GRATITUDE.  It isn't an owned brand (as of 3:55pmMST 11.2016) .... another experiment?  Only time will tell to discover if the same can happen with an idea as it does a musical talent ::... begun online and escape to the outside world.  A world of meeting new people, seeing new things, learning more knowledge.   Is that something that would make GRATITUDE a brand, a full time gig or an empire?

Without you, here, reading this now the numbers are clear for any intellectual capacity because 0+0 =0 and is still zero.  You are the first on this great adventure of experimentation.  Which I share on all my blogs in one form or another, an experiment which by numbers, can verify or discount or identify what cannot be factual.


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