into the EYE of the TIGER

I surprised even myself. I have been creating customized PLAYLISTS in iTunes for my various listening habits: going from mild classical to loud rock (Van Halen'ish). While assembling these playlists, it was so worth it!! At the same time, I would add them to or CREATE personalised lists ::... like LOVELY music ....:: or this one entitled GOODIES: then just play RANDOM and sit back and listen. While you play your online game, chat with someone, posting or writing something .... I'm that certain that you'll enjoy it as much as I DO:…/idpl.b3dbc0bf3a064214ba3ac4c821b…

Hint:  I'm listening to "EYE of the TIGER" by "Survivor" if that isn't a refresh on the 80s eh?

Unstoppable from SIA

WOW a new favorite photo thx to Steven Krohn @stevekrohn for sharing ... Someone I really look up to both I imagine figuratively since I'm HUGE at 5 ft rounded up to the nearest 0 ... I watch what Steven does: a talent for connecting with people in a personalized ... WOW! Just thinking on iPhone keyboard (forcing myself to practice) ... Is there a social media Oscars? Let's get on it Steven,Philippe Trebaul Bis could be the major sponsor ::: ... Creating a campaign to host the first soME InAugural Awards ... Gut reaction Guy Kawasaki becomes a candidate for the "Furthering the adoption of ... Giving credible image and branding

Alrighty then, quoting Jim Carey, I'll get right on that.  Anything and everything start with an idea.  Let's see where I go with it.


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