The FUEL and the NORM

The Optioneer JM on blogspot is fueled by Google, recently announced as the LARGEST and MOST POWERFUL corporation in the world:  jumping ahead of APPLE.  In the mad dash for content, what are they really seeking?  I'm going to say, like any major technical organization or corporation, they are driving to capture data.  Data is the new currency, in the next emblem of intelligence in the world, what is going on, containing information that provides statistics and personal persuasion (a hard word to spell!):   how much are you REALLY worth? 

#bestQUOTE #bestofeverything

We've been trained to think our net worth is the physical material possessions from coin collections to wealth in terms of money times two as net worth.  In reality, today's top currency will be and is gradually being commanded by those who possess intellectual communicative persuasive international language that is pushed out into the world as content.   The most prolific are ideas that catch on become referred to as VIRAL.

Catches FIRE
An idea, a story, a real life event, takes the world by storm.  Not always ignited by the traditional medias of the world (like television, radio, printed newspapers and magazines), what catches fire on social media can now reverse itself and become THE source for where traditional MEDIA gather their information, not by older means like in meetings, telephone calls, webcam or SKYPE or FACETIME exchanges.  

content is KING
How else is any content going to be recognized by?  Well, newspapers have had to stay honest by how many newspapers they sold.  Magazines to a much lesser degree.  Now the gauge or thermometer monitoring honesty really is the PEOPLE.

PEOPLE command
what is important, what has them gasping over, drooling on?  That is the beat of the pulse of where the true power emerges:  the INFORMATION.

knowledge is POWER
where those people who can gather and retain important information to share to the world really could be considered DIRECTORS of content.

what people may be looking for although they may not be making a direct click, they are vaguely circling around a topic.  The beat of the drums at first soft, as more join in it becomes more louder.  Directors have a keen gift to sense what the beat may be long before the faint drums barely register.

CREATIVE content
shared -- for what would be known that people care about if they did not share?  The content can vary:  

  • real people (not celebrities) doing incredible things, 
  • something that makes them gasp but not from a gruesome image, they're too tasteful for that.  
  • the peaceful and wholesome manner in which they share, sometimes instinctively, barely registering on their consciousness.
Queens with Kings
are the same and not one before the other yet distinct based on gender, whomever they identify with as their gender, whether God given or reconstructed physically or mentally.  Creating a universe of common language.

is what makes content directors so powerful.  So much time and yet so little time if my idea is true.

IDEAL currency
where the ones who reign with power, not paid for nor ego driven (just used for emphasis), but possessing the gift of sharing and caring about the world around them, both far and near.

language BARRIERS
are gone with auto translation ideas that I think was a first with GOOGLE.  That behavioural science behind the technology that they must be engaging.  To have made translation done with ease merely by the click of a button.

not money.  He or SHE who has the rare gift instinctively know what to click.  Not only that, they SHARE, sometimes comment if overwhelmingly compelled to do.

universal SHARE
possible firstly because of the INTERNET and secondly, and yet more recognized the social media engines like TWITTER and FACEBOOK a distant byproduct that started out smaller than a SEED then grew in exponential proportions. Like KLEENIX owns tissue paper and XEROX became a verb, yet not one over the other as other greats before them.  Twitter and Facebook race to the top continuously in following, users, activities to try to catch up with GOOGLE, becoming a new noun to our phychy called "Social Media".  

a BRAVE new world
unfolds.  Who is bold to take a stand on something great, more often than squawk and rant or boost themselves?  The true greats can raise their voices to the universe, space and beyond.  Their messaging is what allows them to float far above the noise.

who can write in a way that appeals to the masses.  Not arrogant or snobby, but more among the most.  A sense of what is right in the world is a hard feat to accomplish against the temptation of being taken over by EGO.

forebearers who knock us down to feelings of unworthiness.  Their knack for climbing above by stepping on or using people to their own gain.

growing WISDOM
is unfurling with the wind or a gentle breeze.  People are free to gaze upon what they want.  Freedom from employers or controllers, their own imagination is released, and like a strong magnet, what bounces back is the wisdom to be able to recognize right from wrong.

WRONG messages
become dulled because most people don't want to escape from RL (real life) only to do what others expect or demand them to do.

obligations RELEASE
themselves from the population en masse, globally have that thing in common, regardless of where they live, their color, their financial wealth or power.  Those that can release themselves from the trappings of the world, are the most happiest and free.

FREEdom from guilt
because the conscious subconscious ignores any demoralizing past time while they log on a computer.  Where people of all generations, ages or beliefs are released into the big bad or good world, on their own, directed by their own hands.

gravity PULLS
the talented of most to things that would INSPIRE, solve, PIECE, together as speakers of the house.

politics ASIDE
the strongest and loudest voices lift each other up.  They do not pull anyone else down, unless themselves as they are humbled by what great things only a few can accomplish on their own.  With great determination, focus, passion, they are driven.

VOICE of the few
that resound with the many, the majority.  When unleashed and attraction magnetically attaching to so many.  Who will reSHARE like TWEET which reigns as the singular voice for how the world perceives what is really going on.

but the voices from the peaceful, mindful, gracious, loving, charismatic are heard.

CLICK weight
becomes the new currency of the WORLD.  Where finally, payment finally filters to where it is due:  to the influencers who make things happen in a positive, inspiring, uplifting way.

raising the WORLD
to a better place and better rules that work for all humanity and being or objects.  

DROWNING out the bad
defined by many as porn, violence, bullying, killing, destroying, stomping on, hurting the unprepared.  The unprepared are not separated by any class, or social standing, or intelligence, color, race, culture or religion.  The voice of one.

ONE planet
poised to stand up and stand out for peace, unity, no poverty, no illness, no mental health issues, no racism, not one man or woman more valued or important as the next.

expound VIRTUES
described within and watch how the rest realize and recognize the real VALUE you bring.  Your vision, what impacts you positively but you don't stop with that, you share it.

WEALTH by clicks
will be determined by who's content is valued more but the simple currency of clicks.

will be stretched to solve how to measure this new phenomenon?  All this time we thought it was data huh?

DATA is the capsulation
of information.  But the true POWER comes from those with the ability to encourage CLICKS.  After all, what was traditionally determined by monies paid to advertising agencies, publications, online banners and sponsored stuff, amount to a numerical number that can simply be derived from counting clicks.

COUNTERS supreme
will be the ones, as in singular person, either woman or man.  They will figure out an age old puzzle of adding things up, to a new age MUST to count billions and divide by millions in seconds.

of data, the clicks are counted upwards to a triangulate where it all started.  To assign the number to the right triangle, recognize the creator of the original click circle upwards.

upward CIRCLES
become more and more defined as the user narrows where he or she accumulates her or his information from, otherwise know as data sources.

DATA sources
are another step in the climb to the top.  Who do the biggest influencers reference for information?  Then, the waterfall of clicks based on who it originates from.

distribution CHANNELS
like never before, not even the channels flickering from the tube.  Not even YOU TUBE being the current largest entity.  Who owns You Tube now?  Google.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Strange?

YOU decide.


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