How are you doing?

Do you want to write how things are going "anonymously" on my aCOMMENTary blog?

Just email it to me optioneerjm@gmail.com with RE: BLOG+URworkingtitle (no porn, violence, with exception of being a victim of bullying online stories);

Just let me know if you want me to edit 4 U 4 ur final approval agreed by U be4 I share on blog. Or do you want me to just post it straight out?

There is no way I will disclose the source. Nobody else will know who wrote it. It is up for you to decide if U want to claim it by giving me permission to post UR name and ur Twitter and G+ Profile (subscriber, following @optioneerJM as a #F4F ~ that's a reCOINed version of the same hashtag. I've taken liberty of ideating that we re-acknowledge a new purpose: #F4F becomes "Favor 4 Favor" underground movement. Where the only currency is the exchange of a #F4F "Favor 4 Favor". No BITcoin or banking or finance can come beckoning. We are not purchasing anything, so we cannot be taxed can we?

Under the new #F4F system, it is haggling at first, pulling and pushing to arrive at the utopia of agreed value. A really easy example was based on an idea that happened earlier today compounded by an idea that was gurgling last night on brand Ambassador ~ship (which I have up until this moment, unless disclosed in a former blog been compensated for).

EXCEPTION: I don't talk about who I work for or what business it is in. Any references to real people are by accident, because they are imagined characters working at a telecommunications company, like a cartoon or series. (SIDE NOTE: I became really good in sales of creating CODE NAMES for my customer, relayed among the team that supported us::.... US in all of us individuals working together in one common goal: amaze and amass loyal customers who trusted us. The code names was my way of protecting the identity of any of our customers were one of my colleagues hosting a tour with a fierce competitor of this SAIDcustomer. So, if we were huddling, which was often the case with our team of US. Using the codename I would dream up on the spot, so that we could discuss a job any time, anywhere in our branch, which was on two long floors, both times, we moved once. Nobody but me would know how I would come up with NightOwl or CrackBack Tom. About as wildly opposite yet related to the customer's main representative.

OK, so now here we start the memory lane of printing and publishing .... get your wine topped up and/or go to the loo (proper English for the power room, ladies room, girls room, COWgirls room).

I really loved those days in printing. It was at the infancy of going digital. I was ignorant of the traditional print environments were about. I went in really wanting to go all in. I started that habit that social media, the web, naturally fuel within me, that thirst for knowledge or that habit by knowledge junkie.

Someone really smart and in the know could see how hard selling magazines in Calgary was, told me to look into selling digital print. You see, at the time, Xerox was digging itself from being buried by the release of its technology to the entire world (talk about Steve Jobs on steroids x 100); everyone became their hostile corporate enemy now::.... stealing their technology after being pressured into releasing it (was this real or imagined from my limited recall from the 80s?)

It is jokelore among Steve Jobs advocates and devotees and those benefiting from claiming to have known him, was that Steve Jobs lifted the mouse from the invention disarray of Xerox's research center and bureaucratic red tape.

It was Xerox who designed the mouse. The very thing that Steve Jobs scooped up and made into the most differentiating integral design element, became the mouse. First you have a really cute, hip, with it, friendly, simple, yet classic company logo who launched the ability of the computer user to embrace this wired contraption with the likable "mouse" used to maneuver outstanding design elements, graphic design easy, interface so that those gift with the combination of vision, eye and creativity can emerge.

The largest devotees of the Apple products are because of the mouse. In my opinion. We were zooming light years ahead of trying to remember codes to do simple things that Bill Gates imagineered into the personal computer. Then MAC perfected with smooth, graceful movement made ALL the difference, not just a little.

Now I want a tablet that attaches to my computer so that I can draw. Imagine that. I'm as wired into my computer as the mouse, which more times than not are blue toothed and not even connected.

Bluetooth: meaning to be able to operate something without being connected by wire.

~ Layman's Terms by @optioneerJM 

BACK to the evolving idea. An experiment of sorts. Of which I do, but now I'm sharing those experiments with you. They'll be spread among my other Blogs:

* optioneerJM.blogspot.ca
* meanderingsABOUT.blogspot.ca
* thePUBLISHER.blogspot.ca
* aCOMMENTary.blogspot.ca
* theJMgallery (2B launched by Nov 1 2016 on blogspot, of course)
* The inBETWEENers.wordpress.ca (a broad experiment to compare blogger experience between wordPRESS and blogSPOT)

I want to set up a coffee house atmosphere #F4F community of doers. The exchange of favors between two persons of the same group of entrepreneurs, imagineers, innovators, where a "favor 4 favor" currency emerges. Not anything that can be taxed, because it is a mutually agreed upon exchange of ideas, assistance, votes. Hey, why not? If it involves money, then it is kicked to the Brand Ambassador curb, that I know nothing about. But you can't buy loyalty, test theories, unless there is a group of US people, as in we, and in honor of #UsGuys who taught me so much as a social media baby 6 years ago. The originals, still connected, likely for forever.

The #F4F club has no membership unless you use the hashtag. The agreement being that no obscene, pornographic or violent exchanges permitted (including bullying).

Its rules are simple. It is based on a very basic principle I've started to really become better acquainted with as the idea blossoms: if someone approaches you for a favor, you ask for a favor in return. They will respect you in return.

The classiest, most humble, smart, under appreciated people are recommended to join this movement. Your ideas, your influence can grow.

For instance, today someone asked me specifically to vote for them. I did. Immediately thereafter, I messaged him back privately on Twitter to ask him to subscribe to one of my blogs, which I think is more tailored to his way of thinking and share it once. Oh, and p.s. yes I did vote 4 U #F4F (as in Favor 4 Favor new meaning).

You get my drift? You are picking up what I'm putting down? Ha, love that saying. Who I heard it from and remember it by may best be suited to "aCOMMENTary" anonymous blog submission.

I don't have anything to feel guilty about. It is a blink of an eye, blip on the screen as it logs off of life. Or, maybe, more honestly and opening under MEANDERINGSabout ... where I grapple with aging, being in my 50s, still adore fashion, and fight aging with beauty that suits me, a fabulous fashionista fighting her 50s.

So, again. Repeating myself on purpose. EMAIL me with RE: aCOMMENTary BLOG submission with tag line TITLE you come up with to optioneerJM@gmail.com where my partnership with Google allows me to be able to automatically sort unknown emails to a SPAM folder, poof, voila, on its own.

If it were to ever get past that, I forewarn you that I automatically delete anyone not recognized. (I have a pretty good memory). Hopefully, a small #F4F can be ironed out. I promise to never disclose the author's name without expressed written permission. No exchange of monetary values are permitted or allowed to be solicited when using #F4F ..... self-policed until further notice.

Let's try my experiment: see if we can create a trending hashtag for reciprocal assistance with each other? Goodness me, need I be reminded any more other than the US Presidential Election, that people do things for a lot of money.

This were to evolve into a commercial site, its sole ownership belongs to the creator of this blog, date stamped right now.

For now, its a coffee shop atmosphere. As I continue to play and experiment with blogspot's ever-evolving tools, i hope it will become bigger and help a lot of people. Security and an even more GIGANTIC HUGE security measure: being honesty and integrity. Its value only becomes your word: in other words, what you will want back if you were to give a favor, or if you ask someone else to do you a favor, you have an idea of what sort of #F4F (favor 4 favor) you would like in return.

It could expand from that to an online loyalty program (idea stamped here@copyright). So, for example, I was imagineering Apple's iTunes being able to track backlinks to a PLAYLIST or song, setting up a compensationary loyalty or ambassador or #F4F member.

Just think about it. Who would need bitCOIN to quicken? We can flip everything in the stratosphere. I've been trying to help a CEO just mostly by being a friend and listening (reading) ear. It was without expectation, request or otherwise. It was just two people from different hemispheres or continents (see, I can be "suspenseful" too, mein TRUMP). The way you feel good about helping others, because a click is an action, a movement forward. You are helping others.

Now some people have robbed a lot of coin out there for not doing any favors. Self-centered me me MEs are drowning each other out. Thank goodness, more peace at last.

Remember that it is no different than how you react if you were to drive by a train wreck or political rally, what you think you do your best to avoid, can actually rear its ugly head on you. That is what I mean when I think of Cyber Bullying.

That is a weapon of mass destruction. OK, that I will have to create something from, its good. I think. If not, I like it, so this is a combination of self-serving egocentrics and idea churning and snagging trenz.

Before I sign off, I want to thank you. It means the world to me, that very single click, and then the use of the "mouse" or if you're really talented (I'm certainly not) to be dexterous enough to be able to handle a laptop keyboard AND its built in mouse and "nipple". Geez, that is one for the meanderingsABOUT column I'd say wouldn't you?



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