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Have a listen to this link on iTunes from @Apple .... It is on my "Lovely Music" PLAYLIST 

Why doesn't Apple start a loyalty program?  I guess I'm launching the idea here and now.  

It is 3:47pm MST Calgary, Alberta CANADA @copyright RE:  IDEA 2 APPLE

1) Apple
I would like to be compensated if you take this idea and run with it.  BEFORE, you write me off as one of those "I'm sorry Canadians" ...:: get THAT idea outta your head.  This is a Canadian.  A gal.  Drawn to the web and gravitate and circulate around an amazing crew.  Or, just as good, your tribe GROOVES your VIBE.  Ooops, another copyright as originating author of "UR tribe GROOVES ur VIBE" I've gotta find a picture to use that in there.

2) Compensation from Apple I.
Apple I is codename for the first comment, caveat, agreement of understanding if this idea is adopted and used.

3)  They're crazy if they don't take it
Think about it.  What is everyone going all bug-eyed about?  BESIDES ur ELECTION, geez, the world does not revolve around the United States of America.

Everyone is going on about a number of things, I've been able to gather and assemble into being emerging trends.  The greatest innovators of the last 100 years (or, if you are educated by self, not necessarily recognized by any institute), that is a century.  

I wrote about this a few days ago .... about the vision I had started on a Magazine when I launched Jetsgo here in Canada, a national magazine.  Short-lived albeit, but 90% of the launch of anything (business or otherwise) is in the preparation.  

Mindfulness is going to spread because as I predicted (Mr. Granshaw and Perron would attest i coined my theme "Mind, body, soul" vibe.  My reasoning back then was that the Baby Boomers were aging, becoming fearful of that very thing.   On top of that, Jetsgo was, if not obviously so, an airline.  Another thing that some Boomers could be fearful of:  flying.  In going with the hip, positive, energetic vibe of emerald green and black.  With the emerald green the main color of the leather jacket with black piping, if I vividly recall.

I was sure creating a great magazine in my mind's eye.  We can be really self-centered at different periods of our lives.  My greatest accomplishments, I believe, have come from when I've been at the very lowest of confidence in myself.  Usually some dramatic traumatic  event has occurred in my life.  Feeling cornered and quite vulnerable.  I guess I come out fighting.  Huh, self discovery there?  Perhaps.  

ANY-hoodles-AND more

I started to think lately.  Creatively.  Outside of the box.  Then, because I really don't sell for anyone any more (HUH, another puff of air out of me, and a few more pounds of weight on my shoulders lifted fractionally).  

I may have an employer.  But that employer doesn't own my imagination either.  I'm not in a position of being credited for helping with any ideas.  They could have extrapolated the idea of the color orange and the symbol orange as a logo of sorts for optioneerJM.  I still have a copy of when those business cards were printed by an invoice.  AnyhowDUMBdom.  

So the idea is gurgling and trying to surface from the fingertips, triggered by the wiring in my brain, that was speeding at the pace of a locomotive.  But the motive was me.  Why don't I just start to try selling thinks I think are cool and may help each other.  Sound fair?

I'll write about that among my various blogs that I have geared by my main interests:


ATTITUDE: (including mindfulness, mental energist, fashion, beauty, class, humility).


MUSIC:  iTUNES by @apple
READING:  iBOOK by@apple and
SURFING: with Chrome by Google

G+:  Google PLUS

So, the idea is
BRANDambassador Supreme
You hire me as one of your identified BRANDambassador Supremo (fem while Supreme for male members).  
I will do what I have already started to do:  not just listen to my music PLAYLISTS from iTune, i started to share the link copied from a right-click on my channel where the song is and voila link.
So here's the thing.  If people actually CARED what a 55-year-old woman from Canada was listening to, blogging about, drooling over and incensed about, they might even go to the iTunes link ....... i would let you use that link for commercial use as long as i got a royalty from your use of my intellectual property.  In this case, case in point, my ideas.  
Since my ideas are my brand, you can still leverage it.  I am developing a Content Developer environment with Google (who will be my next "sell" to).
If, as I increase viewership on any and all of my social media avenues, Apple would benefit from my recommendations, made unbiasedly and without any payment for such, therefore, the force behind my request for use of my intellectual property of the assembled playlists.  Who more and more followers, will get to know me, and click more here and a little more there.
If, as a result, a referral occurs.  The follower of @optioneerJM has now become a purchaser at iTunes of bits and pieces or all of the songs in her PLAYLIST.  Therefore, it is then considered a referral arrangement, where iTunes receives payment directly from those purchases directly bounced from an @optioneerJM tweet, comment, share, PIN #bestofeverything hashtag with #music followed after ..... Apple will pay JM a 10 percent royalty fee.  

Do you think that is fair?  
Probably reasonably more so.   Then again, as the identity of @optioneerJM will at one time revert to my beneficiaries.  Ha!  OK, trying to create a legacy.

_____________________*^* jm _____________

SO I don't forget about GOOGLES oodles of opportunities

I am going to reach out to parties from either camp, Google and this company I know and help them investigate whether it would be a nutritious addition into "Alphabet Soup"  (Alphabet being the parent company of Google.)

I'll see it all goes.  Nothing ventured, nothing tried.  

Protecting the intellectual property which is likely exploited on the wide world web.   I've sometimes had this hunch or thought:  (which is BAD bad BAD for mindfulness, shame on you girl).  "What is stopping anyone from ABI DUBAI (only named because BRAVO and propps for their movie:  "99 Homes" we should be hearing about at Oscars) or INDIA from going to my blog or any of them, translate them and just rePOST?  

I didn't want to think this out loud by keying it here.   But its a valid question?  How would I even know?  I mean, I don't speak Hindu or Arabic, so it would be highly unlikely I would ever know or find about it.

So before we get all paranoid and SPOOKed, it's just a thought.  Maybe worth investigating, who knows.  Maybe that is another idea that could be added to the now delicious Alphabet Soup.  Some sort of key searcher identifiers where you could actually zero in on that (idea @copyrighted here and now, 4:31 pm WED OCT 19 at 4:37pmMST )

The other idea for a sale will be kept to myself unless it goes through and is approved by the third parties.  Until then, I will blog without mentioning specific names or give clues on any indicators on who they may be.  Unless, as such in this case, I did and intently specifically to Apple an idea and date stamped this blog as my @copyright proof.  (jm)


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