Happy 150th Birthday CANADA

Under a celebratory mood after decompressing from "another day in the real world" meaning paying the bills so I can retire at freeDUMB75 [my unique self-term ] ... having a few chuckles and many inspirations from circulating around the community online.

When I am online, as a form of escapism of the mental or mental-health kind, I am the driver of my path merely by the barest of fingers only by tips, I can navigate what I am reading [mostly] relatively carefree but usually in the knowledge accumulation or enlightenment or humorous vibes.

You see, I am the driver, mechanic, doctor, therapist, politician, activist, feminine, enthusiast who loves her city and likes to see the best in everyone and everything.  Unlike so many of us, we've been kicked a few times, had to kick back another moment, if not physically, mentally inclined.

My mother and even youngest daughter have communicated that I am too much of the trusting kind.  Then on an excursion adventure minutes from my own back yard lies an oasis of nature and humankind in harmony.  Within mere minutes I can blend into a scenery of massive amounts of visual delights through visionary splendor to rejoice the gift of sight and the gratitude that I do live so close and on a whim can be in this escape into the countryside that so many wouldn't even be able to begin to imagine and never be so blessed to experience.

This heaven on earth we ALL are proud to be able to have a twinkle of claim to this magnificent heritage and pride in each of uniquely combined by a synchronized dance as we are able to celebrate our bold, brave and native land.

We do need to be aware that what gives us strength and courage and bold to achieve greater heights, we are seen and known to champion our own.  Whoever that may be:

* Terry Fox who faced so many odds, carried on and carries on in his cause.
* Wayne Gretzky who exemplified team leadership and carries on iconic style
                                  [note the hockey icon to recognize a national past time]
* William Shatner who continues to impart wisdom and wit, a national treasure
* Chris Hadfield who blazed into space and showed kids science is fun
* Justin Trudeau:  the boy, a son, a father, a husband before a Prime Minister
* Celine Dion:  a songstress, a mother, a widower and a survivor victorious
* The unmentioned mentionables that would allow me to go on and on that "you know who you are" would never surmise.

In a couple of short weeks, a nation with strong hearts, brave souls, proud humanitarians will sing as one.

Thank you for allowing me to be a Canadian.  Free.  Safe.  Warm [yes!] with the freedom to vote and the education and care I'm given to be able to express myself without repercussion.


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